A's b4 has given me the inspiration and opportunity to work to create positive change in the community and especially our youth.  Mentors in the high school and college age frames are in the "sweet spot" for students in elementary and middle school.  They are older so the student can aspire to emulate their mentor, but it is not a relationship in which the mentor bares some type of authority  over the student, it is not a teacher or coach, but rather someone they can see as a peer and identify with.  A's b4 has helped me improve my coaching, mentoring and organizational skills as well as allowed me to learn how to run an effective program and work with all different ages and interests and try to make a difference.I am extremely proud of what A's has accomplished and will accomplish and the message we are spreading.  It is an organization that seeks to create positive change in our communities on a daily basis and I cannot wait to see what it grows into.

Matt Golden

A's before J's Scholarship recipient, A's b4 mentor, Bates College Junior

Manny DeBrito has never coached one game of my basketball career, yet he's the best coach I've ever had. Through training with him, his patience, attention to detail and care developed me tremendously as a basketball player.  On the other side, in working for him and with him, he has taught me what it means to be a great leader and someone who strives for excellence in every aspect of their community. Manny DeBrito is the epitome of an excellent coach, mentor, and leader, and it's been my privilege over these past few years to learn from him.

Carli Rita

UNH freshman, Program mentee and now A's b4 intern

"Manny DeBrito is a hard-working, effective leader.  His focus is on building a better community through education, recreation and sports; something we should all aim to achieve.  It is an honor to call him a friend and business partner"

Zach Rocha

Executive Director- Sidekick Sports Academy

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